• August 17, 2019

What’s Going to Happen to ARDA?

Now that the Golf Course is designated as the preferred site for the Veterans Cemetery, what happens to the ARDA site? In spite of the questionable decision-making process for choosing the site for the Orange County Veterans’ Cemetery, Mayor Shea and Councilmembers Khan, Kuo, and Carroll, voted for the Golf Course site rather than the […]

Opinion: I Am Curious

What’s up with Irvine’s Transportation Department and Transportation Commission? The Transportation Director Mark Linsenmayer resigned without any recognition for his service. His temporary replacement, Acting Director Jamie Bourgeois, was never introduced at the Transportation Commission meeting. Lately, only 3-4 out of 5 commissioners have been attending the Transportation Commission meetings. Mayor Pro Tem Anthony Kuo has yet […]

City to Kick-Off the One Irvine Program

The City’s Neighborhood Services Department is rolling out a new program on preserving and enhancing our established Irvine neighborhoods. The One Irvine program is dedicated to bringing resources, education, and community projects to neighborhoods to address home maintenance issues. Each year, One Irvine will focus on addressing the unique opportunities of an individual neighborhood.  The […]

City Council to Decide on Veterans Cemetery Location Next

Five years ago, in March of 2014, the Irvine City Council unanimously designated the ARDA land for a veterans cemetery and memorial park. It has been public knowledge that this particular property was going to be conveyed to the State for a cemetery. The schools and housing in the Great Park Neighborhoods came after this […]

Finance Commission to Vote on Veterans Cemetery Site

  The Finance Commission is meeting on Monday, July 15 at 5:30 pm with only one agenda item: To make a Veterans Cemetery site recommendation to the City Council, between the original ARDA site and the future golf course site. Both are publicly owned land and are under the oversight of the City Council/Great Park Board.  As noted […]

Op-Ed: 3 Steps To Fight Corruption in Irvine

Irvine’s city government once had a sterling reputation… but no longer. For quite some time there has been a creeping increase in corruption in Irvine’s decision making process.  In the last year, voters have been deprived of the right to vote for representatives to fill a city council and mayoral vacancy. Our City Council has acted […]

Former Transportation Commission Chair Carrie O’Malley on Veterans Cemetery Site Selection

On Tuesday July 9, the City Council will consider a request to direct the Finance Commission to opine on a preferred site for a veterans cemetery. Mayor Christina Shea’s memo states “the Planning Commission and the Transportation Commission have reviewed the matter and expressed a clear preference; however, the Council/Board has yet to receive a […]