• April 23, 2019

More Housing in the Great Park: A Done Deal…Unless You Act!

On March 7th, the Planning Commission unanimously approved an amendment to the FivePoint Master Affordable Housing Plan. This approval results in a green light for FivePoint to build an extra 1,056 more market-rate residential units for a total of 10,556 residential homes in the Great Park Neighborhoods. Despite the meetings’ Public Speakers expressing concerns over traffic, […]

3/12/19 City Council Meeting Highlights

By Susan Sayre Present were: Mayor, Donald Wagner Council Member Melissa Fox Council Member Farrah Khan, Council Member Anthony Kuo Council Member Christina Shea Highlights of a City Council Meeting Filled with Heartrending Agenda Items: City response to fire, flood, and wind disasters Addressing boarding houses that clutter Irvine streets with trash and cars and […]

Public Hearing on Boarding Houses & Short Term Rentals

The City Council will hold a public hearing tomorrow Tuesday, March 12th beginning at 4 pm in the City Council Chamber to receive public input on boarding houses and short term rentals. The City has received a growing number of complaints and concerns from residents and staff has encountered challenges in its efforts to effectively […]

Op-ed: ASUCI Opposed to Irvine City Council’s New Restrictions Proposed for “Boarding Houses” and Categories of Renters

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Irvine Watchdog or its volunteers. Irvine Watchdog welcomes all views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by Irvine residents and welcomes their posts for the Opinion section. We want to hear from you! If you would like to […]

3/5/19 – Transportation Commission Meeting Highlights

Present were: Rose Casey (temporarily Khan) Steve Greenberg (Shea) Christine Knowland (Kuo) Ken Montgomery (Fox) Carrie O’Malley (Wagner) Everything you would want to know about traffic studies Staff report presented by Sun-Sun Murillo: There are different types of traffic studies depending on the nature of development project described in the development application. The different types […]

3/7/19 Planning Commission Meeting Highlights

Commissioners Present: Michael Carroll (Kuo) Steven Huang (Khan) Dustin Nirschl (Fox) Jeff Pierson (Wagner) Greg Smith (Shea) Highlights: Heritage Fields’ request for approval to amend their contract with the city with regards to their development project in Area 51 of the Great Park sheds light on how limited commissioners and city council members are with […]

Transportation Commission Approves Traffic Evaluation for 1,056 More Homes in Great Park Neighborhoods

 FivePoint requests approval for an additional 1,056 market rate housing units for a total of 10,556 in the Great Park Neighborhoods.    Last night (3/5/19) the Irvine Transportation Commission unanimously approved (5-0) the FivePoint traffic evaluation (not the same as a study or analysis) for the proposed 1,056 additional housing units in the Great Park Neighborhoods. It […]