• June 2, 2020

Council Member Melissa Fox and Suppression of First Amendment

POWERFUL public comment by an Irvine Watchdog!

Continued Disrespect for the Brown Act and Public Transparency

On July 10th, there was a hotly contested City Council meeting to discuss the much publicized motion by Councilman Lalloway regarding the use of the ARDA site for the Cemetery given the resounding defeat of Measure B by the vast majority of Irvine residents.  In another display of complete disrespect by our Council, Mayor Wagner […]

City Manager Hiring Transparency

The position of City Manager cannot and should not be taken lightly.  It is a position of vital importance in any city.  While this is an appointed position, would it be appropriate to hold a public debate style interview of the final candidates to alleviate any concerns with the potential choice?  Would be a great […]

Where is all the Money Going?

Even City Staff – Finance Commission – wants to know!!

A Possible Explanation of Melissa Fox’s Interpretation of the Vote on B

“In other words, I see the rejection of Measure B as a vote against more development and traffic congestion, and not a vote in favor of spending $40 – $80 million dollars on a veterans cemetery rather than building other popular features of the Great Park. In a survey of Irvine voters I conducted from […]

Inquiries about Irvine Land Trust Remain Unanswered

The Watchdog has been asking some very basic and fundamental questions about the proposed bylaw changes to the land trust.  We asked in writing.  Almost two months ago.  Does someone in the city, or on the Irvine land trust, have the answers?  We saw a public relations flyer about the change, referencing how “this was […]

Big City Council Meeting Next Week

As we begin the month of July, the Irvine City Council is busy with several things. They are apprising citizens on the long overdue General Plan update, dismantling the Irvine Community Land Trust and hiring a new city manager after 13 years with Sean Joyce at the helm.  The Council faces many challenges, including managing […]

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