• November 29, 2021

Opinion: OCPA’s Scripted Public Comments and Robocaller. Who’s Behind It All?

Since its inception, the Orange County Power Authority has been riddled with transparency issues. Brown Act violations, public records requests being ignored, refusing to make all meeting videos public, questions about appointment of troubled CEO Brian Probolsky, and most recently, possible workplace harrassment by Probolsky. Concurrently, the members of the public have been under attack by suspicious […]

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Voice of OC – Orange County Power Authority Criticized for Lack of Transparency

Orange County Power Authority Criticized For Lack Of Transparency (voiceofoc.org) Excerpt from the article: Ayn Craciun, a policy advocate working for the Climate Action Campaign, a key leader in bringing the agency to life in Orange County, most recently raised concerns publicly about the agency’s activities. “These actions we’ve seen are concerning because of the […]

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