• June 14, 2024

Meet the Newest Member of the Irvine City Council – Dr. Kathleen Treseder

Dr. Kathleen Treseder, Irvine’s newest city councilmember, was sworn in on Tuesday, December 13. 2022, alongside incumbent Mayor Farah Khan and long-time city councilmember Larry Agran. In the 2022 election, Treseder was the second-highest vote-getter for City Council, receiving 29,440 votes and 2,168 votes ahead of well-known third-place incumbent Anthony Kuo. About Kathleen Treseder Kathleen […]

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City Hall

Notable Items on City Council Agenda for December 13, 2022

The Irvine City Council will meet on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, at 4:00. You can attend in person at City Hall, watch remotely, or submit an eComment online. This meeting Agenda has several important items, including: Consent Calendar Item 3.2 – Commend Vice Mayor Anthony Kuo for outstanding public service Item 3.7 – Initiation of Community Facilities […]

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Editorial: Please Vote! Return your ballot today

The final day to cast your election ballot is November 8, 2022. No matter who you support, we encourage everyone to vote. We have seen too many races won and lost by a small number of votes. Every vote is important. In California, registered voters have already received a vote-by-mail ballot. Please take 15 minutes […]

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Dark money

Dark Money in Irvine Politics: Sept.18, 2022 – Oct.19, 2022

Irvine elections mean mailboxes full of campaign mailers. Some of these are sent by the candidate committees and funded by donors that can be easily tracked on campaign finance disclosures filed with the City of Irvine. Many other mailers, however, are supported by special interests who donate to Political Action Committees (PACs) who then contribute […]

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Meet the Irvine Unified School Board Candidates 2022

It is election time! Ballots have arrived, and the Irvine Unified Board of Education elections are now underway until November 8th. Elections for IUSD School Board members are by Trustee Area, and there are five Trustee Areas. In this election, only one candidate, Dr. Jeff Kim, chose to run for the open seat in Trustee Area […]

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City of Irvine City Council Candidates 2022

Two years after the highly contested 2020 presidential elections, the 2022 elections are fast approaching. With the blur of national politics, you may not have had the opportunity to look closely at the Irvine city council candidates. With issues such as climate change, Great Park development, and conflicts of interest on the table, Irvine Watchdog […]

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Meet the candidates

Meet the Candidates for Irvine Mayor 2022

It’s officially that time of the year again. Our mailboxes are flooded with pamphlets, and the streets are lined with campaign signs. Election time in Irvine can be an overwhelming process, and sourcing information may be tough. With the Irvine City Council, Board of Education, and mayoral candidates all running at the same time, you […]

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Candidate forum

Election 2022: Watch the Irvine Watchdog Candidate Forum

On September 29, 2022, Irvine Watchdog hosted our Candidate Forum for City of Irvine Mayor and City Council candidates. In this year’s election, five candidates are running for Mayor and six for City Council. Please note. All candidates were invited to the Candidate Forum and given 30 days advance notice of the date and time. […]

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Opinion: Climate Voter Guide to Help You Choose Climate Champions in 2022 Election

Frustrated at the lack of climate action from Orange County elected officials, activists have created OC Climate Voter Guides for every OC city council election, including Irvine, at OCClimateVoterGuide.org.  The Irvine Climate Voter Guide includes climate voting records, endorsements, and responses from 8 of 11 Irvine candidates.  Every Democratic Irvine candidate except incumbent Mayor Farrah […]

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Not for sale

Help Track the Dark Money Behind Irvine Political Mailers and Campaign Hit Pieces

Are you receiving political mail from Political Action Committees (PACs)? Irvine Watchdog will keep track of political mailers circulated in our city as we head into the November 8, 2022 election. If you receive a political mailer for or against a candidate running for Irvine Mayor or City Council, please take a picture of it […]

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