• October 31, 2020

Inquiries about Irvine Land Trust Remain Unanswered

The Watchdog has been asking some very basic and fundamental questions about the proposed bylaw changes to the land trust.  We asked in writing.  Almost two months ago.  Does someone in the city, or on the Irvine land trust, have the answers?  We saw a public relations flyer about the change, referencing how “this was […]

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Open letter to Irvine Land Trust Attorney

June 23, 2018Mr. Jon GoetzLaw Offices of Meyers Nave707 Wilshire Blvd.24 th FloorLos Angeles, CA 90017 Re: Brown Act as applies to Irvine Land Trust Board Meetings. Dear Mr. Goetz, As I am sure you are aware, Irvine has been a center of controversy with regards to Irvine developmentprojects and City’s development approval process. There […]

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The City – Land Trust Breakup

We do not want to exaggerate our troubles with the Irvine Community Land Trust (Land Trust) nor with City Council members Fox and Shea appointed to serve on the Land Trust board and represent the city’s interests. But despite having at least $5.2 million of city dollars invested in the land trust, the operating rules […]

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