• December 7, 2021

Opinion: OCPA’s Scripted Public Comments and Robocaller. Who’s Behind It All?

Since its inception, the Orange County Power Authority has been riddled with transparency issues. Brown Act violations, public records requests being ignored, refusing to make all meeting videos public, questions about appointment of troubled CEO Brian Probolsky, and most recently, possible workplace harrassment by Probolsky. Concurrently, the members of the public have been under attack by suspicious […]

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Opinion: Fivepoint Lobbyist Patrick Strader Serving on the Irvine Community Land Trust is Like a Fox Guarding a Hen House

When I hear the word “trust” in the name of an entity, it resonates with me. “Trust” is a strong word which speaks of confidence, reliability, and uprightness. It brings to mind honorable custodians of a sacred charge: people sworn to protect and advance interests beyond their own.  Perhaps the City of Irvine had something […]

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FivePoint’s Great Park Home-Building Entitlements: FivePoint’s 2011 New Plan and Call for Good Faith

In the previous article in this series on Great Park development, I wrote about the original plan for the Great Park from both the private homebuilding and public amenities perspectives. In this article, we will see how—even though FivePoint’s homebuilding entitlements number remained constant—the direction for the Great Park development starts to change. 2011: A […]

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Irvine Community Land Trust Removes Vice-Chair Michael Stockstill

At the September 20, 2021, meeting of the Irvine Community Land Trust (ICLT), the Board voted to oust its Vice-president / Vice-Chair, Michael Stockstill. Mike Stockstill was first elected to the Board on June 17, 2019, and served on the Communications and Legislative subcommittee’s. Stockstill was then elected Vice-President / Vice-Chair on March 16, 2020, where […]

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Transportation Commission Approves Great Park Traffic Study, Setting Stage for Thursday Planning Commission Action on FivePoint Condos

At a Tuesday afternoon special meeting, the Irvine Transportation Commission voted unanimously to approve a traffic study finding that FivePoint’s proposed construction of 773 condominiums in the Great Park Neighborhoods would not generate sufficient traffic to require street improvements at intersections and arterial roadway segments. The approval sets the stage for Planning Commission consideration of […]

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Corruption at City Hall?

How do you feel about our elected City Council members and city council candidates receiving a majority of donations from the development community while NOT recusing themselves from voting on those development projects? SIX of NINE contributions are from the Strader family for Melissa Fox’s campaign (Patrick Strader is the lobbyist for FivePoint/Starpointe Ventures). Seven […]

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