• September 26, 2022

Enforcement of Short-Term Rentals Getting Stricter

To help enforce the City’s prohibition of short-term rentals, City staff is recommending a revision to the short-term rental ordinance to increase its enforcement efforts. The Planning Commission will take this under consideration at their Thursday, November 19 meeting. What is considered a short-term rental in Irvine?   Irvine’s zoning ordinance defines a short-term rental […]

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3/12/19 City Council Meeting Highlights

By Susan Sayre Present were: Mayor, Donald Wagner Council Member Melissa Fox Council Member Farrah Khan, Council Member Anthony Kuo Council Member Christina Shea Highlights of a City Council Meeting Filled with Heartrending Agenda Items: City response to fire, flood, and wind disasters Addressing boarding houses that clutter Irvine streets with trash and cars and […]

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