• May 25, 2022

8/21/18 Irvine Planning Commission Notes

Highlights: The back story : read the hidden truths behind parking issues in Irvine Village Neighborhoods. The persuasive power of public comments at Commission Meetings: Commissioners listen AND respond to the public! See how public comment on both major agenda items influenced commission discussions and decisions. Will there be an Irvine Municipal bus system in […]

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Veteran’s Hoovervilles v. Sanctuary Cities

In California, we have long been compassionate with the predicament surrounding illegal immigrants. We have always welcomed those that have bypassed the “system” for those looking to live the American dream, despite the fact that laws have been broken by entering the country without permission. On the surface, it appears that we go out of […]

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Will the Veterans Cemetery *ever* be built?

Long time Irvine resident and one of our own writers, Jeanne Baran, has submitted an op-ed on the VoiceofOC.org.  In the article she notes the long, awkward dance to nowhere led by our developer-backed city council majority, in a blatant attempt to ignore the voters who overwhelmingly shut down Measure B. What kind of contortions? […]

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Continued Disrespect for the Brown Act and Public Transparency

On July 10th, there was a hotly contested City Council meeting to discuss the much publicized motion by Councilman Lalloway regarding the use of the ARDA site for the veterans cemetery given the resounding defeat of Measure B by the vast majority of Irvine residents.  In another display of complete disrespect by our Council, Mayor […]

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[Opinion] Building on the ARDA Site: It Will Happen Whether You Want It or Not?

Consider the recent election in Irvine. The most contentious issue: measure B to approve the relocation of the Veterans cemetery from the ARDA site to the Strawberry fields. The greatest proponent of this measure was the developer company FivePoint who stood to gain greatly from the relocation as they would buy the land on the […]

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