• June 2, 2020

Great Park Board Approves Plans for Wild Rivers

Last night (4/28/20) after three years in the making, the Great Park Board unanimously voted to approve the lease terms and location for the Wild Rivers water park as reported by the Voice of OC, Wild Rivers Officially Returning to the Orange County Great Park. Of Note – The Board approved a lease revision stating […]

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Voice of OC Repost on Measure D

Read the re-cap of Measure D published by the Voice of OC written by the Watchdogs who authored the arguments against failed measure D. Jaffe, Baran, Heath and Kwon: Transparency and Accountability Prevail for Irvine Watchdogs

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Voice of OC Publication by an Irvine Watch Dog!

Baran: Irvine Voters, Put Democracy Before Development  

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