April 2021 Updates on Great Park Development Projects

The OC Great Park Board meeting agenda for this Tuesday, April 27, 2021, provides a slim report on the status of all the developments in the Great Park while adding features mentioned for the first time and removing others. Here is a list of proposed projects provided to the public in August 2020. Irvine Watchdog | Baran What happened to these plans?

Note: Many of the Cultural Terrace projects above do not appear in this month’s Development Report (see agenda item 3.1 below).

Agenda Item 3.1: Project Development Project Report

  • California Fire Museum /Safety Learning Center: The construction of this project requires FivePoint consent which is dependent upon the resolution of the State Veterans Cemetery location and construction schedule. This project requires $350,000 to fund planning and development which will be provided by the Fire Museum.
  • Western Whitewater: Location and funding is to be determined.
  • Cricket: Location is to be determined and funding to be provided by U.S. Cricket.
  • Top Golf: Location is to be determined and the project is to be privately funded.
  • Flying Leatherneck Museum:  Location is to be the Cultural Terrace and the building rehabilitation funding will be from $10-20 million.
  • U.S.A Swimming: Location and funding is to be determined.

Agenda Item 2.2: OC Great Park Stadium Concessions Improvements and Consideration to Prioritize Soccer and Softball Stadiums For Initial Construction of Concessions

Images of the concept plans for each of the four concession stand improvements are provided in the attachments to the Staff Report.

Responding to public demand, during the 6/29/19 Great Park Board meeting, the Board approved funding for the concession areas located at soccer stadium, the softball stadium, the baseball stadium, and the baseball axillary facility. In order to obtain permits from OC Health to sell hot food at the Great Park sports stadiums, modifications must be made to the existing concession areas.

$1 million funding was obtained which will pay for the required improvements of 2 concession areas and $1 million will be requested to pay for the other two.  It is proposed that the first two concessions to be modified will be the soccer and softball stadiums.

Agenda Item 1.1: Geographic Information System (GIS) Map Demonstration

A GIS interactive map system is a satellite imaging system that is used to keep track of properties, public works, roads, and can be used for accident and “ hot spot” analysis. The interactive system will allow manipulation of the map to obtain the information needed and is accessed by users over a computer network.