UPDATED: Independent Expenditures from 9/21 – 10/16

Independent Expenditures from September 21 – October 16, 2020

The charts below show the total amount of independent expenditure contributions supporting or opposing individual candidates from September 21 through October 16, 2020. These numbers will be updated weekly.

An independent expenditure is an expense for a political communication (ie: mailer, social media ad, lawn signs, commercials) made by a political action committee (PAC) that urges voters to support or oppose a particular candidate. The PACs who are paying for the communications are not allowed by law to work in coordination with any candidate or their campaign committees. Independent expenditure reports are filed on a rolling basis with the City Clerk’s office.

The data below does not include information on who is funding these PACs. This data is complicated and difficult to track. PAC’s do not segregate the revenue. Donations are all co-mingled and then passed along several different and often alternating PAC paths intended to confuse and wash the money. The final PAC payment is used to support or oppose a candidate as intended by the original donor.

Political Action Committees use public interest sounding names such as “The Greater Irvine Education Guide” but they are not what they seem. To learn more read, Dark Money in Irvine Elections. Information on how to track independent expenditures can also be found in the article.


Here is a breakdown of the Independent Expenditure contributions. This table does not show who is funding these Political Action Committees:
OC Freedom Fund (ID# 1340744) has distributed fliers supporting Mike Carroll, however no independent expenditure data has been found.


Total Independent Expenditure Contributions To-Date:

Source: The Campaign Statement Public Portal from the City of Irvine website for filings between 9/21/20 – 10/16/20