Vote No on D

  • It removes our right to petition for building projects estimated to have a 15% financial benefit.  Who creates this estimate??  Why the applicant of course!!!
  • The estimation method excludes Irvine residents’ concerns such as the effect on traffic and school over crowding.
  • The only accountability for developers would be the City Council – who receive most of their donations from the developers and who have approved every single development project.
  • The measure’s endorsements come from organizations that are either supported by the big developers, that prioritize growth over our quality of life, or that are unable explain why they support it.
  • There are potentially other major development projects in the pipeline such as the Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course. As a 147-acre golf course that is up for sale, this land could be turned into hundreds of homes if City Council approval is given.
  • Why is our Irvine Police supporting something that suppresses our most basic of constitutional rights?? Begs the question if they are really concerned about those that they are sworn to protect!!