• June 14, 2024

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Dr. Kev AbazajianGang ChenDavid CheyLauren Johnson-NorrisFarrah KhanAnthony KuoFrank McGillMark NewgentCarrie O'MalleyJohn ParkDr. Lee SunJaci Woods
Accepted money from developers or PACs*NoNoNoYesNoYesNoNoYesNoNoNo
Amount Accepted*N/AN/AN/A$1,500N/A$36,384N/AN/A$18,894N/AN/AN/A
Top priorities
  • Data based solutions for sustainable growth, traffic
  • Residents before developers

  • Traffic
  • Managing Growth

  • Education

  • Voter approval of building
  • Safety
  • Innovation

  • Community partnerships
  • Smart/balanced growth
  • Limit special interests

  • Robust infrastructure

  • Keeping Irvine safest city
  • Veterans Cemetery at ARDA site
  • Irvine's Public Safety
  • Keeping Irvine safest city

  • Quality of life
  • Transparency

  • Limit special interests

  • Sustainable growth
  • Transparency
  • Limit special interests
  • Veterans Cemetery at ARDA site
  • Reduce traffic
  • Improve quality of life
Recent political experience***None
  • Green Ribbon Commission (2017-current)
  • None
  • Community Services Commission (2016-current)
  • Community Services Commission (2014-2015)
    • Planning Commision

    • Adhoc committee on Veteran Affordable Housing

    • Task Force Housing for Developmentally Disabled
  • Transport Commmision Vice Chair
  • NoneNoneNone
    Appointed byN/ACouncilwoman Christina SheaN/ACouncilwoman Melissa FoxFormer Councilwoman Beth Krom
    Christina Shea/Mayor Wagner ****N/AN/AMayor WagnerN/AN/AN/A
    How to resolve traffic
    • Public transport with UCI's Institute of Transport Studies

    • Appoint experts to commissions
    • Widening roads

    • Synchronizing signals

    • Staggering work hours
    • Voter approval for building

    • Analyze traffic
      Onsite childcare options
    • Staggered school dropoff

    • More shuttle options
    • More school bus routes

    • Encourage student walking

    • Better transit in business centers

    • More i-Shuttle routes
    • Restrict building permits

    • Synchronizing signals

    • Expanding shuttle service
    • Use city Research Control Center to adjust signal timing

    • Use city Transport Commission
    • Signal synchronization

    • Better roads, intersections

    • Better access to public transportation
    • Use technology

    • Responsible growth

    • Improve infrastructure

    • Raise awareness of public transportation
    • Link major Irvine spots

    • Manage planning better (with Irvine Master Plan)
  • Controls on development
  • How to promote transparency
    • Listen to city's founders.

    • Dialogue with community, HOAs.

    • Traffic assessment for projects (vetted by outside sources).
    • Appoint experts to Planning Commission.

    • Social media to inform of Planning Commission meetings.
    • Facilitate challenging Council members on conflicts of interest.

    • Require exposure of financial interests.
    • Appoint experts to Planning Commission.

    • Help residents email concerns.

    • Share such concerns with Council.
  • Staff inform citizens of projects (via Citizen Committees).
    • Provide contact info to residents.

    • Livestream Q&A on social media.
    Provide cell number and office hours for residents.
    • Ensure residents included.

    • Ensure maximum outreach.
    • Publish all planned projects.

    • Council respond to all public comments.

    • Could not pick Commissioners.
    • Ban electronics at Council meetings (for council members).

    • Increase youth involvement.
    Should Irvine adopt district wide elections instead of at-large elections for Council seats?YesNoNo**Yes**Yes****YesYesYes
    Will you pursue the Veterans Cemetery built at the original ARDA siteYesNoYes**Yes**Yes****YesNoYes
    Do you think the Irvine Community Land Trust should allow public access to meetings and minutes?YesYesYes**Yes**Yes**YesYesYesYes
    Should Irvine remain a Sanctuary City?YesNoNo**Yes**Yes****Yes/No^NoYes

    * Either directly or indirectly from developer PACs or lobbyists
    ** No clear statement found from campaign websites, Voter’s Edge website, OC Sample Ballot Election Guide or Irvine Watchdog Candidate Forum
    *** In the past seven years, political experience does not include membership in HOA or other groups like Community Response Teams.
    **** Mayor Wagner appointed Anthony Kuo to Planning Commission for 2017-present

    ^ During the Irvine Watchdog Forum (time 44:40) John Park answered Yes to Sanctuary city. In an OC Register article he stated he is against Sanctuary city status.


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