IUSD and IRWD Candidate Financial Contributors

IUSD School Board and IRWD Board are very sleepy elections. There’s very little activity as can be seen by the lack of fundraising on all parties. No one has any individual contributions listed which means many often pay out of their own pocket.

IUSD Election

The only notable candidate here is long time incumbent Sharon Wallin who enjoys some support for a developer backed PAC (Friends of the Great Park and Education).

NameIndividual ContributionsPACs
Jean Anne Turnerno filings
Ilya Tseglinno filings0
Sharon Wallin (incumbent)no filings$5368

IRWD Election

Similar to the IUSD election, the IRWD candidate slate is just as uneventful. No candidates show any money raised from individuals. Again the notable standouts are Doug Reinhard , Steven LaMar and Peer Swan who enjoy some support from developer backed PACs such as Alliance for Jobs and the Economy and Friends of the Great Park and Education.

Steve LaMarno filings$4916
Andrew Pollardno filings0
Doug Reinhartno filings$4916
Peer A. Swanno filings$1000
Richard A. Vanzinino filings0


Information for these disclosures was found online as explained here. You can browse through our collected library of disclosures on these google drive folders.

Alliance for Jobs and the Economy

Friends of the Great Park and Education