OC Power Authority Sets Application Deadline for Community Advisory Committee and Rejects Contract, Asking for More Proposals 

Note: As of February 2021, links to meeting videos have no longer been provided to the public. For transparency purposes, we are hopeful the OCPA will provide links to watch all the meetings again. 

A Community Advisory Committee for the newly-formed OC Power Authority (OCPA) is scheduled to be assembled this summer.  At its April 13 board meeting, the board voted to have board members select two committee members from each member city and two at-large members who can be residents of member or non-member cities.

The committee will advise the board to help ensure that the OCPA meets the needs of its member cities, which currently include Buena Park, Fullerton, Huntington Beach and Irvine.  Most California CCE programs have Community Advisory Committees. The deadline to apply is June 15 and the application will likely be posted on the OCPA website – https://www.ocpower.org.

Also discussed at the April meeting was a contract for power supply portfolio management services with a company called Alliance for Cooperative Energy Services Power Marketing (ACES).

The staff report recommended that the board authorize CEO Brian Probolsky to negotiate and execute a service agreement with ACES with review and approval by OCPA’s General Counsel.  During board discussion, Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan raised concerns, saying that Irvine typically reviews multiple vendors for such services.

After other board members echoed Khan’s concerns and public comments questioned ACES’ ability to provide renewable energy, the board directed staff to bring back proposals from multiple vendors for the service.  A special board meeting to review the proposals is scheduled for April 27.