• June 14, 2024


  • James Hwang2 Posts

    James Hwang grew up in Irvine and has returned to work in his hometown. He returned at the height of COVID after working in LA and did not have a car. He started thinking about transportation issues as a result, because the rapid inflation caused him to put off getting a car and find alternatives.

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Opinion: A Yes to the General Plan Housing Update Is a Yes to the Future of Irvine

Irvine Then and Now I moved to Irvine as a kid in 2009. At this point, it was a city in flux. No longer a patch of suburbs between orange groves, it was a growing city renowned for safety and good schools. The city had just hit 200,000 people, and it has been growing rapidly […]

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Opinion: A Vision for Irvine Transit

A recent article here on Irvine Watchdog by Joshua Moore gave a full-throated advocacy of good public transit in Irvine. That article inspired me to build on that and imagine in a concrete way what an Irvine with good public transit would look like and how we might get there. Here’s what I came up […]

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