• January 24, 2022


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    Melisa Masri has been a resident of Irvine for over a decade. She lives in Irvine’s College Park neighborhood and teaches science at a small school in Orange County. Melisa is credentialed in Chemistry, Biology, Geoscience, and Social Science. The issues most important to her: climate change, LGBTQ+ issues, and wealth inequality. She is happiest when outdoors.

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Kevin Shenkman Served Irvine With a Letter. Will District Elections Be Coming to Irvine?

There is a fight going on nationwide between those who want increased democracy with increased access to voting for all qualifying populations and those who would prefer if minorities’ rights to vote embedded in the hard won amendments to the constitution were effectively and efficiently revoked.  What does this have to do with Irvine? Irvine […]

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Change Starts At Home

As Sunshine Week – a week set aside to celebrate and advocate for open government – comes to an end, it is a good time to highlight the changes that have been made by our Irvine City Council in the past few months with the new Council having been elected and having to grapple with […]

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Opinion: Council Discussion Reveals Party Line Differences and Hypocrisy

Mayor Farrah Khan put forth an agenda item calling for “hero pay”. Had this passed with urgency – as originally intended – it would have granted the immediate requirement of large (defined as having over 20 employees), nationwide (defined as having over 800 employees nationwide) stores to grant Hero Pay to their hourly workers of […]

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Opinion: The Good, Bad, and Ugly from the Jan 26th City Council Meeting

It seems our City Council is a 4-1 majority with Councilmember Larry Agran alone in bold advocacy for public health, local COVID-19 relief efforts, and moving forw ard with plans for the Veterans Cemetery. Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly from last Tuesday’s City Council meeting. The Good – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion […]

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Opinion: Mayor-Elect Khan and Councilmember Kuo Seek to Keep Restrictions on Agenda-Setting. Why?

ln July 2019, the city council approved a policy stating that items would not be placed on future city council agendas unless requested in a written memorandum and signed by either (i) at least two members of the City Council, or (ii) the Mayor. This policy ensures that at least two members of the city […]

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