City Council Approved COVID-19 Testing Jeopardized By Violations

Irvine resident Robin Gurien submitted a letter to City Attorney Jeff Melching today to address violations of the Brown Act, Article I, Section 3 of the California Constitution, and the City of Irvine Municipal Code “which may jeopardize the finality of action taken by Irvine City Council in its May 12, 2020 meeting” regarding COVID-19 testing.

Use arrows at the bottom of image to scroll through Ms. Gurien’s 3-page letter:

USHealthFair ltr to Melching


Additionally concerning, US Health Fairs, which the City of Irvine wants to contract with, is already significantly behind with providing the test results for their current client, the City of Carson. Their website states “we have fallen behind on calling thousands of people personally with their results.”