Live Nation Seeks Council Intervention to Continue Temporary Amphitheater Operation

In a Saturday morning email to three members of the City Council, Live Nation executive Bret Gallagher pleaded for a “creative solution” to provide 4,000 parking spaces he said were needed to allow the FivePoint Amphitheatre to operate in 2024.  The email, titled “Final opportunity to save the Temp Amphitheater” was addressed to Mayor Farrah Khan, Vice Mayor Tammy Kim, Councilmember Mike Carroll, City Manager Oliver Chi, and Great Park Executive Director Pete Carmichael. Councilmembers Larry Agran and Kathleen Treseder apparently were excluded from the distribution.

According to Gallagher: “Two months ago, Live Nation confirmed with FivePoint that the footprint of FivePoint Amphitheatre is available in 2024.  [However] FivePoint will begin construction after the completion of the 2023 season on the runways where we currently park up to 4,000 cars.” He asserts a need for that many parking spaces to accommodate a sell-out performance of 12,000 attendees, and pleads for City intervention to find a “creative solution.” He warns that if such a solution is not found within six days, the temporary amphitheater will be dismantled:

“[W]e are officially asking for your assistance in providing a combination of 4,000 parking spaces and the roadways to those spaces, to allow LIVE MUSIC to continue in Irvine. … If we can’t identify a solution by October 13, we will have no choice but to dismantle the current facility and let the public know that we are unable to obtain another season in Irvine due to the lack of parking spaces available in reasonable proximity of the amphitheater.”

(Contrary to Gallagher’s implication, the FivePoint Amphitheatre is not the only live music venue in Irvine. The Irvine Barclay Theatre, while a much smaller, indoor facility, presents concerts by internationally renowned musicians, and private venues such as OC Fish Grill feature local talent.)

The complete text of Gallagher’s email is below or click here.