OC Great Park & City Council Meetings Proceed With Restrictions

During these times of social distancing you have the opportunity to participate
in the City’s decision making process from the comfort of your own home

Tuesday, March 24th
Orange County Great Park Board (OCGPB) Meeting – 2pm
City Council Meeting – 4pm

City business continues but with social distancing. Due to the coronavirus, the public will not be permitted to attend but you can watch the meetings live and provide eComments which will be read into the record.

Watch Live:
You can watch the meetings live on Cox Channel 30, AT&T U-Verse channel 99, or live-streamed online at cityofirvine.org/ICTV.

Public Participation:
You can participate by submitting public comments on any agenda item or any non-agenda item.

  • eComment – Submit comments by clicking “eComment” next to the online agenda link. You can submit eComments up until the public comment period for the agenda item. All comments will be read aloud into the record during the public comment portion of the agenda item or during general public comments.
  • Email – Send comments with agenda item or subject to [email protected]

OC Great Park Board Meeting – 2pm
OCGPB Agenda
eComment Link

There are two items of interest noted below. For more info, please click on the links provided.

City Council Meeting – 4pm
City Council Agenda
eComment Link
The City Council meeting begins at 4pm in closed session. Regular session usually begins around 5pm.

The most notable item on the agenda is Item 5.2 which seeks to adopt a resolution for our city “recommending all landlords and residents to abide by the Governor’s March 16, 2020 Executive order N-28-20” due to the coronavirus.

Additionally, the following two items on the Council agenda are listed as “routine” Consent Calendar items. Consent Calendar items are voted on without any Council discussion or public input unless requested by a Councilmember or a member of the public.

We believe these items are not routine but are important and warrant separate Council discussions and a city staff report presentation for the public:

  1. Item 3.8: Treasurer’s Report for the City’s three investment portfolios for the quarter ended 12/31/19. The combined market value of the three portfolios totaled $1.08 billion. This report typically goes before the Finance Commission for their review and discussion prior to the Council meeting. Due to the coronavirus the 3/16 Finance Commission meeting was cancelled. Therefore, the Commission and the public did not have an opportunity to hear the report from the City Treasurer.
  2. Item 3.10: Request for Delay of Construction Funding for University Dr. and Ridgeline Dr./Rosa-Drew Ln. intersection improvement project delay of construction funding. Irvine’s traffic problems are a #1 concern. The residents would benefit from a City update on all three University Dr. transportation projects:
    • University Drive widening from Ridgeline Drive to I-405
    • University Drive widening from MacArthur Boulevard to Campus Drive
    • University Drive intersection projects – Culver &  Ridgeline Dr./Rosa Drew Ln. intersection relief projects

Other agenda items of interest:

  • Item 3.11 (Consent Calendar Item): Special taxes for Great Park Neighborhood Improvement Area No 11.
  • Item 5.1: Emergency declaration and emergency orders, rules and regulations regarding Coronavirus 19