City Council Special Meeting | The Irvine Company Mini Warehouse Proposal

The Irvine Company is requesting to shift remaining development intensity from one land use category to another within the same planning areas to allow for future mini-warehouse use.  The affected planning areas are Cypress Village East (Marine Way/Ridge Valley) and Spectrum 5 (Irvine Center Drive/Wald Street).

Scoping Session

The City Council is holding a scoping session on Tuesday, October 22 at 3:30 pm to discuss the projects and decide if City Staff should proceed with the applications and continue the full planning review process.

City Council scoping sessions are required for all General Plan Amendment applications such as these. The intent is to bring the concept before the Council in the early stages so that the Council can provide input and direction for subsequent analysis before coming back to the Council with the final report/recommendation.

The City Council could direct staff to not proceed with either of the applications or approve a lesser amount of development for this type of land use.

Time Frame

If approved on Tuesday, the project will go through the city’s planning process where the public will have many opportunities to provide input. A series of public hearings will take place in the summer of 2020 before the Transportation Commission, Planning Commission, and City Council.  Learn more by reading the Staff Report here.

Cypress Village East



Marine Way 2 Self Storage_Renderings_ 09-30-19


Spectrum 5

Spectrum 5


191008 Wald Street Site Layout & View