Irvine Company Affordable Housing Realignment Plan Up for Approval

Planning Commission | June 6th, 5:30 pm.

The Irvine Company Affordable Housing Realignment Plan 

The Planning Commission  (6/6, 5:30 pm) will consider a request from the Irvine Company to amend its master affordable housing plan for several planning areas. The proposed modification will permanently move and relocate a total of 220 affordable units from 14 properties to 5 other Irvine Company properties located in the same or adjacent Planning Areas. The proposed reassignment of 220 very low incomes units will result in the transition of residents from one community to another.  The chart below shows the location of the sending and receiving apartment complexes.

Chart Note: The smaller dots represent communities that units will be transferring out of.  The larger sized dots correspond to the 5 apartment communities receiving those units of the same color.  For example – small blue dots are going to the large blue dot.

AH Transition Plan- Irvine Co


Many of the units identified for transition are moving from apartment complexes in South Irvine to North Irvine. All of the Westpark residents will be able to remain in Westpark.

Transition program highlights:

  • 12-month advance notice
  • reimbursement of reasonable moving expenses
  • residents to be moved to new apartments along with their current affordability qualification with no increase in rental rates.
  • 91 more apartment units will be opened for student rentals in University Town Center.

The Irvine Company is seeking the approval of the City because it believes that circumstances warrant this redistribution of very low-income units from one community to another.  The request is the result of the Irvine Company wanting to renovate and update apartments located in their older communities. One of the stated goals of the City’s Housing Element is to disperse affordable units throughout the community. The City staff believe this would not create an overconcentration of affordable units at the five receiving communities. To read the City staff report click HERE.

– Written by Susan Sayre and Jeanne Baran