One City Council Vote Equals Ten

  • Why is voting for city council members such a big deal?
    Answer:  You’re not just voting for one seat, you’re voting for ten!

Did you know each city council member gets to appoint a commissioner to each of the following ten commissions/committees that make decisions impacting development, traffic, child care, seniors, and the environment, just to name a few?

You will often hear commissioners say “commissioners serve at the pleasure of the council”, which leads me to the next question:

  • Are our council members appointing qualified, experienced, experts in the field of ie: urban planning/transportation/community services?  Or are they simply making political appointments?  Some of our commissioners are very knowledgeable and qualified in their appointed commission while others may lack the background we’d expect from somebody given important decision making powers.

Below are some of our current commissioners along with who they were appointed by:

DW – Donald Wagner
CS – Christina Shea
MF – Melissa Fox
JL – Jeff Lalloway
LS – Lynn Schott

1. Community Services Commission

2. Finance Commission
3. Planning Commission

4. Transportation Commission

5. Green Ribbon Environmental Committee

6. Investment Advisory Committee

7. Irvine Child Care Committee

8. Irvine Children, Youth and Families Advisory Committee

9. Irvine Public Facilities Corporation

10. Senior Citizen’s Council

The complete list of current appointments can be found here:

Additionally, our city council members serve as the Board for the Great Park.  This Board will decide the fate of the planned golf course that was originally designed as a money making amenity in the Great Park, as well as deciding on what amenities will be included in the Cultural Terrace.

So let’s get out there, ask tough questions, do your research, meet the candidates at our forum, to ensure we elect a city council that aligns with the issues that matter most to you!  And let’s be sure we have qualified people appointed into the various commissions come November 7!


Don’t forget! Sept 30, 5-7pm, Irvine High School