• August 15, 2020

Opinion: Interim City Manager Appointment, Why Behind Closed Doors?

One of the most important decisions our City Council will make in the coming months is finding a new City Manager, with the upcoming departure of current City Manager John Russo. His resignation was announced in June, with his last day being September 9, 2020. Will the City Council separate the positions of City Manager […]

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Orange County Great Park Board – Keeping Residents In The Dark

There are serious transparency questions around hundreds of millions of extra tax dollars Great Park Neighborhood homeowners pay to finance the Great Park. The Voice of OC wrote a three-part series which Mayor Shea openly criticized in today’s article, Irvine City Council Expands Bond Indebtedness For Great Park Neighborhoods. From the dias, Mayor Shea stated […]

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Op-Ed: City Manager John Russo’s $24k Raise Request

In July 2018, the City Council, led by then Mayor Don Wagner, replaced long-standing City Manager Sean Joyce with John Russo. Joyce had served our city for 12 years while Russo had just been fired by the City of Riverside, but that didn’t stop the 2016-18 City Council from hiring Russo. Currently, Russo is in […]

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Irvine Land Trust | Updates & Concerns

Present Leon Napper Nancy Donnelly Anthony Kuo Patrick Strader (via phone) Absent Land Trust Chair Melissa Fox was in Sacramento Irvine Community Land Trust The Land Trust was created by the city council in 2006 for the creation of permanently affordable housing.  In its 13 years of existence, the city has given the land trust $72 […]

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1/8/19 – City Council Meeting Highlights

Present were: Mayor Wagner, and Council Members, Shea, Fox, Khan, and Kuo. Mayor Wagner announced that the city has been working on his top priority project of improving traffic safety and awareness with regards to automobile, bicycle and pedestrian traffic Irvine has developed a program of creating safer streets and crosswalks around schools and throughout […]

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