Upcoming Council Meeting Agenda – February 8, 2022

Highlights from the upcoming City Council agenda­­­:

Item 3.1 – Orange County Power Authority (OCPA) Default Power Profile Selection – Identify And Select A Default Electrical Power Profile For Irvine’s Commercial And Residential Customers

On December 14, 2021, the City Council agreed that in the future all City municipal energy accounts will be enrolled in the OCPA Tier 3 (100 percent renewable energy) and that the default electrical service for Irvine ratepayers will be Tier 2 (at least 69 percent renewable energy).

At the December meeting, the City Council directed staff to bring the item back for consideration after the OCPA finalized their electricity rate structure.

This is how the OCPA Tier profiles compare:

ACTION: The City Council will review OCPA rate scenarios and select a default power profile for Irvine commercial and residential electrical power customers.


Item 3.2 – Consideration Of A Request By Councilmembers Kim And Carroll To Discuss The Establishment Of An Office Of Health And Wellness

The Memo reads, “A newly created Office of Health and Wellness would partner with providers, community-based organizations, and the like, along with the County to more closely look at the various determinants of social health that would improve the quality of life of Irvine residents. lt would also address additional issues, including healthcare disparities, access to healthcare, culturally competent mental health, and overall health and wellness. “

“ln order to deliver culturally competent care, existing services from city departments may also be considered for reorganization and reclassification under a newly created Office of Health and Wellness. The intent of the creation of the Office of Health and Wellness is not to replace services offered by the County, but rather to complement and partner with local health providers, community-based organizations, BeWellOC, and the County.”

ACTION: Consider approval of the following:

1) Direct staff to identify and evaluate existing services or programs that may be better suited to be housed and operated out of the newly created out of the newly created Office of Health and Wellness.

2) Direct staff to research best practices and potential funding sources, as well as assess the feasibility of creating an Office of Health and Wellness.


Item 3.3  – C­onsideration Of A Request By Councilmembers Kim And Carroll To Discuss Zero Emission Vehicle Fleet Transition Plan Development

The Memo reads in part, “Currently, the City of Irvine owns and operates a large number of vehicles in our fleet, with a small percentage of our vehicles currently powered by battery-electric or alternative fuels. As we continue leading on the sustainability, clean energy, and innovation front, the City should have a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Transition Plan developed to guide the transition of our City fleet to battery-electric and/or alternative fuel engines.”

ACTION: Consider approval of the following: Direct staff to prepare a zero-emissions vehicle transition plan for City Council consideration that would result in the entire City fleet being converted to zero emissions and battery electric vehicles as soon as possible, and no later than by 2030­­­


Item 3.4 – Consideration of A Request By Mayor Khan And Councilmember Agran For A Veterans Memorial Park Presentation And Discussion

This Memo requests that the City “…begin transforming the ARDA site – now an eyesore- into a beautiful Veterans Memorial Park that forever honors the service and sacrifice of so many.”

ACTION: City Council discussion and direction

How to Participate:

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