The Great Park: The Bee and Bosque

What are the current plans for the GREAT PARK?  In this video from the Great Park Executive Director John Russo, he talks about six items:
  1. The American Museum of Natural History paid our City a visit
  2. The GP Ice Facility will have a grand opening
  3. City staff are in Sacramento this week to identify Veterans Cemetery funding options and next steps
  4. Wild Rivers Water Park is looking for alternative financing sources
  5. The California Fire Museum is re-engaged, and
  6. The Bee and Bosque open space is completed but held up until Five-Point signs off
Not included in this clip are public comments given by two residents. Their comments included:
  • the need for a pool
  • fewer tournaments and more resident use of all the GP fields
  • more tot lots in the GP
  • lack of public ice time at the new ice facility
Also suggested was a master plan for the Cultural Terrace build-out, a GP financial portal for all the relevant GP financial data, and consideration to have the GP meetings at a later time to allow more residents to attend.
Regular meetings of the Orange County Great Park Board occur on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 2:00 p.m. The next meeting is on March 26th.