5-Point Asks for Increase in Great Park General Plan Intensity Caps

Developer requests 1,056 additive housing units. Bringing total entitlements to 10,556 units in the Great Park.

From 7/19 Planning Commission agenda Staff report READ –   A request by the developer “Heritage Fields” (aka 5 Point) to build housing above and beyond our General Plan:

“… the applicant submitted a letter dated April 10, 2018 … to modify the original submittal by requesting that 1,056 affordable housing units that exist, or are proposed or planned for Great Park Neighborhoods be classified as “additive”. If approved, an “additive” classification would allow development intensity caps contained in the General Plan and Zoning Ordinance to be exceeded.”

Let me start by saying I am totally in favor of affordable housing for our city.  HOWEVER, this request by 5 Point communities is aggressive and abusive of the additive housing regulations.  In a nut shell, to encourage developers to build affordable housing the State allows developers to request city planners to approve bonus units to help meet affordable housing demand.  Bonus units are not subject to the same extensive environmental or traffic studies as “market rate” development projects.

5 Point is approved and entitled to build 9,500 units in the Great Park Neighborhoods.  If the additive housing request is approved, 5 Point can build 10,556 units in the Great Park!!  An increase in units of more that 11%.  No new traffic study, no new environmental impact study, no evaluation on the impact to surrounding schools.

If the Planning Commission and City Council really want to balance affordable housing efforts with our General Plan, STOP amending the General Plan and changing Zoning Ordinances to meet developer greed!!  Hold developers accountable to build affordable housing within their existing entitlements and STOP approving more units, more traffic, and more strain on our schools!