Is Mike Carroll Using the COVID-19 Pandemic as a Campaign Opportunity?

By: Irvine Watchdog Editorial Board

In another self promotional move (read The Liberal OC’s article Big Check Mike Carroll’s Dishonest Approach To 2020), Carroll directs those in need of food, prescription drugs, or other necessities to email him directly, emphasizing the importance of doing so in ALL CAPS BOLD. Shouldn’t these items be handled by a public assistance officer with the city, not a councilmember currently running for office? And why isn’t any information available on our city’s website?

The most efficient way to inform the public and provide community members with the services they need is to provide them with a contact source on the City’s website. Why would Carroll force residents to complete a contact form to gain access to a FAQ document? Is he collecting information for his upcoming campaign?

As if all this were not enough, Carroll invites readers to navigate to his Facebook page and “Like” the page to receive the latest updates. Many members of the community are not on Facebook. Failing to provide the latest COVID-19 testing program and response information on the city’s website and making his Facebook page the only source while requiring constituents to provide their personal information is irresponsible. Using himself as the source of much needed information gives the appearance of Mike Carroll using this Covid pandemic disaster as a campaign opportunity. Irvine is not getting the kind of leadership it deserves.

And let us remember the title of “Vice Mayor” has never been bequeathed upon any Irvine official before, and was likely invented by Carroll’s allies to lend credence to someone who was not elected to his position to begin with. 

For a copy of Mike Carroll’s FAQs please see below:

This antigen testing issue will be revisited on this Tuesday’s City Council agenda, Item 4.1. E-comments can be submitted here.