Planning Commission Meeting via WebEx Tonight

Planning Commission Meeting- June 4, 2020, 5:30 PM
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Commission Business Agenda Items:

Agenda Item 2: California Environmental Quality Act Manual Update, Including the Vehicle Miles Traveled Impact Analysis Guidelines 

Due to new State requirements for traffic study analysis traffic evaluation studies are being shifted away from Level of Service (LOS) analysis, which measures traffic flow to Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) which measures the distance vehicles travel to destination. The goal of the change is to promote reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, increase use of public transportation systems, and encourage the development of mixed use developments.

Increased traffic flow resulting from development projects can be mitigated by taking measures to take cars off the street by building “connectivity improvements” such as creating bicycle and pedestrian walkways and On Demand Transportation Systems.


Public Hearing Agenda Items:

For more information on the below agenda items click here.

Agenda Item 3: Orchard Hills

Located at the northern most section of Neighborhood 3, north of Ridge Gate / New Point. The Irvine Company requests approval for the development of 124 detached single-family homes in neighborhood 3 of Orchard Hills.  All units are two stories with three or four bedrooms. There are three different floor plan types ranging in size from 1,897 to 2,774 square feet. All required resident parking is provided within two-car garages. Orchard Hills is allocated a total of 4,385 units in the Zoning Ordinance.

Agenda Item 4: Orange Tree Square Retail Center 

Located at the corner of Walnut Avenue and Jeffrey Road. Pacific Design Group on behalf of the property owner is requesting approval for the demolition of the existing gas station and for the construction of a new retail building. There will be no increase in square footage at the center as a result of this project. The property owner has not decided what tenant will go into that space, but a restaurant would be a permitted use there. The traffic review considered a restaurant, as that would be the highest intensity use related to vehicular travel. As part of the project, a number of street and access improvements are proposed.

Agenda Item 5: Montessori Child Care Center 

Located at 1 Doppler. Adaptive Architecture, on behalf of Little Tree Montessori, seeks approval to establish a Montessori Child care center for up to 288 children, aged 2 to 6 years, with up to 28 staff.  It will provide a much needed service to both the commercial and residential development in the area.