• July 15, 2024


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Opinion: Inspiring Community Ridership by Promoting Irvine Connect

Today I took an Irvine Connect bus ride from Woodbridge Shopping Center to the Spectrum and back. I am very impressed with the route, and the accurate scheduling. I only wish I had access to an Irvine Connect bus line. Irvine is being advertised as one of the happiest cities in the nation. Let’s not rest […]

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Opinion: Irvine Connect Leaves Seniors and Disabled Residents Out of the Loop

Irvine Connect is a fantastic concept! I wish I had access to Irvine Connect services. I could get to Senior Centers, libraries, my bank, go shopping, and go to the Spectrum to shop, eat lunch out, and then relax while enjoying a movie. Irvine badly needs an Irvine-circulation-only public transportation service.  However, I question the […]

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Opinion: Irvine’s Democratic Process Is Crumbling A Voter Call To Action

For years I have been inspired by Irvine’s General Plan provision calling for the City to inspire “Robust” resident participation in Irvine’s decision-making process. I have enjoyed participating in the decision-making process and have enjoyed interacting with our very cooperative City Staff members who have gone to great lengths to assist me with understanding the […]

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Opinion: Responding To Israeli/Palestinian Hate In The Community And In Schools 

I have lived in Irvine for 43 years. I worked as an Orange County Adult Protective Services Social worker for over 25 years responding to and investigating allegations of abuse and neglect of seniors and disabled adults and offering support services to both the victims and the alleged abusers. In my experience, the best results […]

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City of Irvine Begins Effort to Expand the City Council and Move to District Elections

Irvine Voters may be voting on a ballot initiative on the March 5, 2024 primary election, to enlarge the Irvine City Council from five to seven members and to create district elections.  If passed the initiative would create six district City Council representatives with the Mayor being an At-Large Representative. All Irvine residents, registered and […]

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Opinion: Support District Elections and Expand The Size of the City Council

In all the years I have lived in Irvine, I have never seen so much corruption in Irvine’s decision-making process, including an increasing lack of transparency and intentional discouragement of public participation. Since public distrust of our City Council has substantially increased, Irvine residents are asking for corrective action. Increasing our City Council size and […]

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Opinion: Improving Irvine’s Resident Representation

Now that Irvine has seated its new Councilmembers, we can make changes to our decision-making process that would inspire public participation and better represent Irvine’s residents. Goal: Improving Irvine City Council’s representation of the city’s residents would include, but not be limited to, decreasing campaign costs, thus reducing Councilmembers’ dependence upon special interest support, improving […]

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Opinion: Save Irvine’s Hotel Workers Safety Ordinance

On November 22, 2022, the Irvine City Council passed the Hotel Workers Safety Ordinance by a 3 to 1 vote (Khan, Kim, Agran for, Kuo against, and Carroll absent). The ordinance contains hotel worker safety provisions and fair labor practices provisions. The ordinance is scheduled to go into effect on December 22, 2022. Similar ordinances have […]

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Opinion: My Performance Evaluation of the Irvine City Manager

Irvine has a representative democracy decision making process which involves the people electing representatives to represent their interests and concerns.  This process includes public participation by means of Irvine’s elected representatives and city staff members listening to and sharing information with city residents. Our City Manager has been actively engaging with community groups on a […]

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Opinion: Great Park Development Should Follow Normal Project Approval Process

On October 11, 2022, the Great Park Board will consider Agenda item 1.1. The proposed Great Park Framework Plan Implementation Agreement would give the City of Irvine control over the land use of the Great Park, thus removing contractual control from Heritage Fields/Five Point Developers. Orange County voters created the Great Park with the promise […]

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