• April 20, 2021


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Zoning Ordinance May Impact Parking Availability in Irvine’s Older Villages and Improved Cell Reception Coming to Woodbridge

The residents of Irvine’s villages have been experiencing increases in traffic and inadequate parking. Zoning ordinance upgrades and a wireless communication facility are on the agenda for the April 21, 2021 Planning Commission meeting. Agenda Item 1:  Zoning Ordinance Technical Update Though Irvine’s zoning ordinances were, and should continue to be,  created to support the […]

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Upstander Training Town Hall Responding To Hate Incidents And Hate Crimes

Irvine has been experiencing an increased number of reported hate incidents and hate crimes.  It is believed that these events are vastly underreported.  Since 2020 hate incidents and hate crimes against members of the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community have drastically increased in number. In response to the need for community support for victims of […]

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In Response To Public Demand Hot Food Concessions Are Coming To Great Park Sports Stadiums

Great Park Development Project Reports (Report) are provided during the monthly Great Park Board meetings in order to provide the public with the opportunity to participate in the planning of the Great Park. This month’s Report concerns upgrades to both the Sports Stadium food concessions and Hangar 244, which contains exhibits which tell the story […]

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Opinion: Postpone Project Approvals in Planning Area 6 Until All American Asphalt Issue Is Resolved

Protect Current and Future Residents From All American Asphalt Toxic Fumes At the March 2nd Transportation Commission meeting, agenda item 1 is seeking approval of traffic study relating to zoning changes for transferring dwelling units to and within Planning Area 6 located south of Portola Parkway, East of Portola Springs, and Modjeska. Here is a […]

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2021 Contact List & Reference Guide

Get involved in our city’s decision-making process Irvine’s decision-making process begins with the City Commissions and most often ends with final decisions being made by the City Council or Orange County Great Park Board of Directors (Great Park Board). Final decisions for development projects are also made by the Planning Commission, not necessarily the City […]

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Keeping the Public In The Dark on ARDA

What’s Happening on the ARDA Site On the Consent Calendar for both the OC Great Park Board (Item 2.2.) and City Council (Item 2.4) meetings is a motion to direct the City Manager to enter into a license agreement allowing indefinite use of land on the ARDA site, despite its current designation as the location […]

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Will Irvine Have Its Own Vaccination Program

Tuesday’s Irvine City Council Meeting agenda item 4.1 is a COVID-19 Situational Update and the recommended action is to authorize the Interim City Manager  Marianna Marysheva to execute a License Agreement with the County of Orange to facilitate a COVID-19 vaccination site at the Orange County Great Park. Irvine’s Emergency Services Program is following the […]

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How Can the City Enhance Public Participation With COVID-19 Restrictions In Place?

At the upcoming January 12, 2021 City Council meeting, Agenda Item 4.2 will be a discussion of public participation options for Irvine City Council and Commission meetings since in-person attendance is not recommended due to the surge in COVID-19 cases. The meeting commencing at 4:00pm can be watched on ICTV channel 30, AT&T U-Verse channel […]

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Opinion: Which Irvine City Councilmembers Should be Able to Place an Item on the Council Agenda?

Q.  Which Irvine City Councilmembers should be able to place an item on the council agenda? A.  Any of them. Here’s why. Irvine Mayor-elect Farrah Khan recently posted a video on Facebook explaining why she thinks Irvine needs to keep a policy requiring two city council members together or the mayor alone, to sign off […]

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Presiding City Council to Decide Operating Rules for the Next City Council

Will any member of the City Council be allowed to place an item on the City Council meeting agenda or will the 2019 policy prohibiting this freedom stay in effect? Agenda Item 6.5: Mayor-Elect Farrah Khan and Councilmember Anthony Kuo have placed a last-minute item on this Tuesday’s packed Special Council Meeting agenda. They are […]

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