• October 29, 2020


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New ARDA Site Land Lease Agreements Hidden From Public View  

City Council Supplemental Agenda Consent Items Agenda Consent items are voted on by City Council members without public presentation or discussion unless ”pulled out” by a Council member or member of the public by means of a public comment or e-Comment. When “pulled out”, agenda items are not presented to the public. City Council members […]

City Hall Development Featured

What’s New With the Veterans’ Cemetery, Pretend City, Holiday Faire, & LIFOC Western Sector Cleared For Clean-up And Redevelopment

Great Park Board Meeting Agenda Agenda Item 1.2:  Project Development Report Update  Veterans’ Cemetery: The State hired Huitt-Zollers Consulting to evaluate the ARDA and Golf Course sites. The technical studies are be prepared and are to be completed by May 2021. Pretend City: The capital campaign is ongoing.  The concept plans are due April 2021. […]

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Public Participation at City Hall, Long Term Telecommuting for Irvine Staff & Businesses, and Reaffirming Irvine’s Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

On Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 4PM, our Irvine City Council will be meeting for what could be the last time before Election Day. Notables: There are 2 agenda items (5.2 and 5.3) that appear to be inconsistent with regards to recommended changes to city policies during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently in the […]

City Hall Featured Transportation Commission

Improving Irvine’s Traffic Circulation

Agenda Item 1: Project Report for the Culver Drive and Alton Parkway Intersection Improvement Project With the goal of reducing traffic congestion and improving the circulation at the Culver Drive and Alton Parkway intersection the following improvements are proposed: On Culver add a northbound through lane. On Culver convert the right lane into a regular […]

City Council City Hall Featured

City Council Agenda – Packed & Controversial

Tonight’s Council Meeting Notables:  Last Meeting for City Manager John Russo Appointment of Interim City Manager Mariana Marysheva (Agenda Item 4.1) Public Participation Changes for City Council and Commission Meetings (Agenda Item 4.3) Resolution Opposing Proposition 15 (Agenda Item 4.4)   Public Hearing Agenda Items: Agenda Item 3.1: Zoning Ordinance Update Regarding Accessory Dwelling Units […]

City Council City Hall Featured Op-ed

Opinion: Irvine City Council To Consider Resolution To Oppose Proposition 15

  Mayor Shea and Councilmember Kuo Request that the City of Irvine Adopt a Resolution to Oppose Proposition 15: Split Role Property Tax Initiative (Agenda Item 4.4) Ballot Initiative 15 is a state level Constitutional Amendment and is a citizen’s initiative. The resolution request from Mayor Christina Shea and Councilmember Anthony Kuo provides little information […]

City Hall Featured Transportation Commission

Transportation Commission: Signal Synchronization and Oak Creek Rideshare

Agenda Item 3: Plans, specifications, and contract documents for Culver Drive/Bonita Canyon Drive Signal Synchronization Program Project The City of Irvine has a partnership project with the City of Newport Beach and Cal Trans to synchronize traffic signals along Culver Drive and Bonita Canyon Drive which will serve to improve the traffic flow along this […]

Election 2020 Featured Op-ed

Opinion: Irvine Elections Do Not Truly Represent the Majority

Irvine’s City Council election results do not necessarily represent the preferences of the majority of Irvine Voters. Irvine currently has the “plurality” voting system whereby each voter votes for one candidate and the candidate who gets the most votes wins. The winner does not necessarily get the majority of the votes. Irvine has a very […]

Featured Op-ed

Opinion: It’s Time to Increase The Number of City Councilmembers

Irvine has grown from a small suburban town to a big city since incorporation causing City Council races to become increasingly expensive and thus vulnerable to special interest influence. Irvine was incorporated in 1971 when it had a population of just over 10,000 residents. A five-member City Council was established consisting of four City Councilmembers […]

City Council City Hall Featured Opinion

Opinion: We Have The Right To Speak And To Be Heard

Let Irvine Become Known For Enhancing The Public’s Right To Be Heard On Tuesday, August 11th Irvine City Council will be discussing public participation in its meetings during social distancing (Agenda Item 5.5). To participate in our city’s decision making process, Irvine residents need to communicate not only with the decision makers and entities that […]

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