• June 16, 2019


City Hall Featured Planning Commission

6/6/19 Planning Commission – The Irvine Co. Master Affordable Housing Plan Amendment

Present: Dustin Nirschl (Fox) Greg Smith (Shea) Stephen Huang (Khan) Absent: Christine Knowland (Kuo) Jeff Pierson (Carroll) The highlight of the June 6, 2019 Planning Commission meeting was The Irvine Company’s proposed realignment plan to relocate 220 residents by amending their existing Master Affordable Housing Plan document. A number of residents attended the meeting and […]

Featured Transportation Commission

Alert! 26 Speed Limit Changes Are Coming!

News Flash! At the June 4, 2019 Transportation Commission Meeting it was announced that there will be 26 street speed limit changes on Irvine streets, 21 of which are increased speed limits and 5 are decreased speed limits. There will be no warning of speed limit changes. Speed limits can change multiple times on the […]

City Hall Featured Planning Commission Transportation Commission

5/7/19 Transportation Commission Highlights and 5/16/19 Planning Commission Highlights

Four plus Star Vacation Luxury Destination Getaway Is Coming To Irvine’s IBC The Transportation Commission and Planning Commission approved the Banc Hotel and office tower to be located in the Irvine Business Complex (IBC). The mixed-use hotel and office project is on Teller Avenue and fronts Jamboree Road. The property is currently vacant and undeveloped. […]

City Hall Featured Op-ed Opinion

Questions for Irvine City Council Vacancy Applicants

On May 14th during a special City Council meeting, 16 city council vacancy applicants will have 15 minutes to make a public comment and be interviewed by the 4 City Council members. The meeting will be open to the public where members of the public will be able to present public comments. The City Council […]

City Council City Hall Featured

4/23/19 City Council Meeting Highlights – Procedures for Appointment

Present: Mayor Christina Shea Melissa Fox Farrah Khan Anthony Kuo Filling Vacant City Council Seat City Clerk, Molly McLaughlin Perry presented the various process options for filling the vacant city council seat. The selection process, for the most part, will take place in public at the May 14, 2019 city council meeting. Irvine residents have […]

City Council Featured

4/8/19 – City Council Meeting Highlights

Present were: Mayor Christina Shea, and Council Members Farrah Khan, Anthony Kuo, and Melissa Fox, the 4th city council seat is vacant. Irvine has a new contract agreement with Orange County Fire Authority with enhanced benefits. City Manager Russo reported that Irvine withdrew from their contract with OCFA because Irvine was paying rates higher than […]

City Council Featured Meeting Summaries

3/12/19 City Council Meeting Highlights

By Susan Sayre Present were: Mayor, Donald Wagner Council Member Melissa Fox Council Member Farrah Khan, Council Member Anthony Kuo Council Member Christina Shea Highlights of a City Council Meeting Filled with Heartrending Agenda Items: City response to fire, flood, and wind disasters Addressing boarding houses that clutter Irvine streets with trash and cars and […]

Development Featured Transportation Commission

3/5/19 – Transportation Commission Meeting Highlights

Present were: Rose Casey (temporarily Khan) Steve Greenberg (Shea) Christine Knowland (Kuo) Ken Montgomery (Fox) Carrie O’Malley (Wagner) Everything you would want to know about traffic studies Staff report presented by Sun-Sun Murillo: There are different types of traffic studies depending on the nature of development project described in the development application. The different types […]

Development Featured Planning Commission

3/7/19 Planning Commission Meeting Highlights

Commissioners Present: Michael Carroll (Kuo) Steven Huang (Khan) Dustin Nirschl (Fox) Jeff Pierson (Wagner) Greg Smith (Shea) Highlights: Heritage Fields’ request for approval to amend their contract with the city with regards to their development project in Area 51 of the Great Park sheds light on how limited commissioners and city council members are with […]

Featured Planning Commission

2/21/19 – Planning Commission Meeting Highlights

Present were: Dustin Nirschl (Fox), Michael Carroll (Kuo), Greg Smith (Shea), Steven Huang (Khan) and Jeff Pierson (Wagner). The Jeffrey Open Space Trail from Barranca to Walnut project proposal was approved for sending to City Council for approval on the 3/26/19 agenda Staff report by Cheryl Lea: The trail extension is set along Jeffrey on […]