“What’s in it for Me?” Why You Should Attend the Upcoming Candidate Forum

A candidate forum. With all the options available to us, you might ask “Why attend a City Council Candidate forum, and why particularly the one coming up this Sunday?”.

First, a forum is a much better source of information on the candidates than almost any other. As we strive to be informed citizens during a pivotal election cycle, there is no substitute for firsthand exposure to the candidates. If you merely read the candidate statements available on the city website, you might conclude that they have similar priorities – e.g., traffic.

Other sources of information on those seeking the office – their mailers, newspaper or other endorsements, or sound bites – are all “packaged” messaging.

These sources are at best precarious. For example, no one usually will put their name or the money behind them on mailers, and they often peddle fear rather than fact. The endorsement of civic organizations has more to do with donations they have received from interested parties rather than the candidate’s ability to represent the interests of Irvine residents. Even publications that report political events and personalities in our city do not exactly strive to be impartial – nor claim to be.

Instead, at our forum this Sunday, you will not only be able to meet the candidates but hear them answer questions residents have submitted. That way, you can decide how to vote objectively – after firsthand interaction and after listening to their positions on a wide range of issues.

Second, Irvine Watchdog has tried hard to ensure the forum is balanced and to encourage the candidates to articulate their positions without assistance. For example, we will not allow the candidates to have cell phones during the forum. No candidates will be provided the questions beforehand. Also, we have tried our best to ensure each candidate will be given an equal opportunity to speak.

So, please come to the forum this Sunday. With the opportunity to hear the candidates directly in a forum dedicated to balance and consistency for each candidate, our forum is one of the best opportunities to make an informed choice of how to vote this November for City Council. We are proud to sponsor this event on your behalf, and look forward to seeing you there!