Actions Speak Louder: Taking Issue with Councilwoman Fox’s Public Statement (Part 3)

Here is Part 3:

“Developers spent millions of dollars trying to defeat me in the last election, and no doubt will do so again.”

It is true that she ran as someone opposed to runaway development and was attacked by developers in the 2016 City Council election. But soon after her election, she experienced some “evolution” in her views. Besides her votes for the Concordia University Expansion Plan and the 15 stories for the two buildings on MacArthur, this evolution of views is demonstrated by her receiving considerable money from the OC Victory Fund which is funded by developers.

Under Irvine’s law, the biggest campaign contribution permitted is $490. But Councilwoman Fox took advantage of loopholes to avoid contribution limits by having her executive committee receive $10,000 from this OC Victory Fund (on November 2nd of last year).

Part 4 will be released tomorrow.