City Hall

Present were: Mayor Wagner, and Council Members, Lalloway, Fox, Shea and Schott.

New bridge and overpass for the Jeffrey Open Space Trail near the 5 freeway

Walking on the sidewalk and riding bikes in bicycle lanes on Jeffrey near the 5 freeway has been hazardous for both pedestrians and bikers.  The bridge will address the need to secure the safety of pedestrians and bikers. The bridge project was approved 5-0.

Bond approval request for Santa Alicia Apartments affordable housing project

Council Member Fox reported that the funding request does not include an application for additional units.  The Bond issuance request was passed 5-0.

Zone change request for Portola Springs

Staff reported that the Irvine Company requested a zone change to allow relocating 226 dwelling units from one section of the district to another.  There is no application for additional units or new entitlements.  The zone change request was granted 5-0.

Interactive map of development projects

Mayor Wagner announced that Irvine now has an interactive map on the City of Irvine website via the Transparency Portal which is designed to track development proposals.

Public participation in Irvine budget decisions

Irvine’s budget cycle will be changed from one year to two years. The budget process will include strategic planning and prioritization of projects with Irvine residents participating in the process.

Staff reported that as Irvine’s infrastructure is aging, and as there are anticipated infrastructure challenges that will need to be addressed, the budget cycle will be 2 years with annual updates.  The budget process will require long-term budget planning.  The budget process will address strategies for, and prioritization of, current and anticipated infrastructure problems and concerns that will need to be addressed. All City Departments will be linked to the strategic planning process, and the Finance Commission will engage the public in strategic planning process through public outreach by holding town hall meetings in different locations throughout the city. Budget process recommendations were approved 5-0.

Reception for outgoing Council Members Lalloway and Schott

The meeting was adjourned, and the public was invited to a reception for outgoing Council Members Lalloway and Schott.