11/13/18 City Council Meeting Highlights


Mayor Wagner
Council Member Fox
Council Member Lalloway
Council Member Shea
Council Member Schott


1. Sunshine Ordinance

Irvine now has a Sunshine Ordinance. Public notice of City Council and Commission meetings and agenda items has been increased to 12 days prior to the meetings. The Ordinance also guarantees the right to public comment and right to access public documents.

The goal of the ordinance is to ensure transparency and increase public participation in meetings where city business is being conducted. During public comments, it was requested that the Sunshine Ordinance require the Irvine Community Land Trust to comply with its terms. This request was ignored.

Council Members Lalloway and Schott had previously stated the Sunshine Ordinance should apply to the Land Trust, but they did not say a word after the issue was brought in public comment.

Irvine Land Trust board meetings and documents remain inaccessible to the public.

2. Bommer Canyon Community Park Cattle Camp

The Proposal stated that the park be upgraded to be ADA Accessible and the buildings and amenities be upgraded. Restrooms would replace outhouses, buildings would be replaced with ADA accessible buildings, the historical elements as well as game, picnic tables and barbeque would be retained, but the design and landscape would be more aesthetically pleasing. The landscaping would have Prickly Pear plants which would provide more fire suppression.

Lynn Schott requested that the plan proposal be submitted to the Irvine Disabilities Advisory Board for input regarding trails, amenities and building design. Christina Shea asked that community outreach be made in order to obtain community input. Jeffrey Lalloway asked that the plan include improvements to the park access road.

3. Irvine City Donation to Anti-Defamation League

Mayor Wagner proposed $5,000, and city council authorized, Irvine City donation of matching award to Anti-Defamation League for information leading to arrest of person or persons responsible for vandalizing the Beth Jacob Synagogue in Irvine.

4. 11/27/18 City Council Meeting

Our next city council meeting will honor City Council members who will be leaving, Jeffrey Lalloway and Lynn Schott.

The ceremony will start at 5 PM and will be followed by a reception at 6 PM. Click HERE for more info.

5. Evacuation Plans

Melissa Fox stated that the City of Irvine needs to develop and/or improve community evacuation plans.