Silverado Fire: Beyond Thoughts and Prayers for Our Injured Firefighters

Giving Thanks

First, it is time to give thanks. Thank you to all the firefighters who protected the lives and property of the Irvine and surrounding community during the Silverado Fire. And having given thanks to the firefighters as a whole, we should specifically express our love and concern for the two firefighters who were severely injured while protecting our community. Let’s continue to send our thoughts and prayers to these two firefighters. However, in addition to whatever spiritual support we each use to sustain ourselves, we all need certain material support to get by in this physical world.

One of these firefighters has about 60% body burns; the other about 40%.  In the act of protecting us, these two firefighters have experienced tremendous pain. Some level of that pain might be part of their lives for a time to come. Their recovery time and expenses could be extensive. Workman’s compensation and other services will help with some medical expenses and lost income. But these firefighters are bound to have out-of-pocket expenses and needs that are beyond the help that these services will provide. So how can we help?

How to Help

Fortunately, OC Firefighters Local 3631 has organized a fundraiser through GoFundMe. Having been organized by our local firefighters’ organization, I am reassured that the donated money will be used wisely. Cynthia Monreal, Office Manager for OC Firefighters, IAFF Local 3631, clarified in an email how these donations will be used: “100% of the money that is raised through the GoFundMe page will go to our 2 injured firefighters. Having it go to the Relief Fund makes it tax deductible for donors and also has no tax implications for the 2 firefighters and their families.
Everything that come into the fund shows that it came from GoFundMe so everything will be earmarked specifically for them.

I don’t know what city these firefighters call home. But they are now part of the Irvine and surrounding areas community, and always will be. In a way that respects the privacy of these firefighters and their families, let’s  check in with our OC Firefighters Local on a routine basis to see what needs these firefighters might have as time goes by.

For now, please give in an amount that your means allow to the OC Firefighters Local 3631 Fallen Fire Fighter Relief Fund via GoFundMe. The two firefighters who were injured protecting our community will receive 100% of the funds.

OC Firefighters Local 3631 Fallen Fire Fighter Relief Fund via GoFundMe

Note: Unfortunately, I cannot now find the source for that picture of the firefighters combating the Silverado Fire in Irvine. If you are the person who took this picture, please let me know so that I can give you credit.