May 2021 OC Power Authority Meeting Addresses Transparency and Accountability Concerns

The May 11, 2021 OC Power Authority meeting addressed public concerns of transparency due to the omission of meeting videos for the public and accountability of staff members.

On April 16, 2021, Irvine Watchdog first reported that none of the meeting videos were provided on the website.

The first three meeting videos were provided to the public on the City of Irvine OCPA Board Meetings website as shown below.

However, once the OC Power Authority created their own website around late January 2021, none of the subsequent meeting videos were provided to the public.

Public comments were submitted asking that all meeting videos be provided to the public on the website. In response, Boardmember Farrah Khan requested that all meeting videos be archived. The website has not yet been updated but we will keep an eye out for any updates.

To address concerns the public has had regarding accountability of staff members, Boardmember Fred Jung requested that staff performance reviews be required. Though these reviews will be in closed door session, this will provide a level of accountability that did not exist before. This issue will be discussed further at the next OCPA meeting.