6/6/19 Planning Commission – The Irvine Co. Master Affordable Housing Plan Amendment

Dustin Nirschl (Fox)
Greg Smith (Shea)
Stephen Huang (Khan)

Christine Knowland (Kuo)
Jeff Pierson (Carroll)

The highlight of the June 6, 2019 Planning Commission meeting was The Irvine Company’s proposed realignment plan to relocate 220 residents by amending their existing Master Affordable Housing Plan document. A number of residents attended the meeting and some voiced their concerns about low-income residents being forced to move to other locations against their preference.

Commissioners discussed the proposed realignment plan with Jeff Davis, Vice President of the Irvine Company, thereby clarifying the terms of the proposal. Commissioner Nirschl negotiated a 2-year affordability term extension agreement with Mr. Davis which would be added to the realignment plan. Note: This extension would only apply if all the units from one “sending site” are transferred over to the receiving sites. Nirschl then proposed a motion to approve the amended realignment plan which would become a written amendment to the document setting forth The Irvine Company’s Master Affordable Housing Plan.  The motion passed unanimously, 3-0.

The Irvine Company’s Realignment Plan, as amended, will give residents of 220 very low-income units the opportunity to move from 14 older apartment complexes that are in need of repairs and upgrades, to comparable units in 5 other apartment communities located in North and Central Irvine. To see a map of relocation areas click HERE.

Residents have the right, should they not wish to move, to remain in their apartment without consequence.

The realignment plan may also UCI students.  By moving the affordable units from University Town Center, it opens up opportunities for rental to UCI students.

Summary of Transition Plan:

  • 12-month advance notice to be given to residents.
  • Residents to move to new units with their “affordable certification” at their same rental rate.
  • Residents who decide to relocate would receive reimbursement of reasonable moving expenses.
  • Residents have the opportunity to move to units that better suit their needs such as moving from upstairs apartments to downstairs apartments.
  • Residents have the option and right to remain in their apartment without consequence.
  • For residents to receive the 2 year extension, every unit from the “sending” site would need to relocate.