Opinion: Postpone Project Approvals in Planning Area 6 Until All American Asphalt Issue Is Resolved

Protect Current and Future Residents From All American Asphalt Toxic Fumes

At the March 2nd Transportation Commission meeting, agenda item 1 is seeking approval of traffic study relating to zoning changes for transferring dwelling units to and within Planning Area 6 located south of Portola Parkway, East of Portola Springs, and Modjeska. Here is a pdf of the site plan below.



There is an immense amount of public concern about the toxic fumes emanating from the All American Asphalt plant and their impact on those residing in and around Planning Area 6. Volunteer UCI professors conducted studies confirming that the toxic fumes are seriously hazardous to the health of local residents. Voice of OC | Biesiada The South Coast Air Quality Management District has failed, and continues to fail, to take action to resolve the air quality issue.

Irvine has a duty to protect the health and safety of Irvine residents

The City of Irvine should delay all development related approvals relating to development projects located in the impacted planning areas until such time that AQMD resolves the air contamination issue.

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