Lorraine Ghent and Celeste Webb: Two “Seniors” Showing Irvine’s Heart

Along with giving recognition to other Orange County volunteers, this Voice of OC article by Hosam Elattar gives recognition to two of Irvine’s own, Lorraine Ghent and Celeste Webb. They both happen to be seniors, just seniors of a different sort. Lorraine has earned her right to the title of senior by the years of experience she has on this earth. Celeste’s has earned her right to the title of senior by her standing as a senior at Northwood High. Thank you to both Lorraine and Celeste for showing Irvine’s heart.

New Yorker turned Irvine resident Lorraine Ghent had been volunteering for years with a couple of organizations in Orange County like the Second Harvest Food Bank before the pandemic hit. Ghent has been helping out Working Wardrobes, a nonprofit that helps people get jobs and provides professional outfits for people on job interviews, where she collects clothes being donated.–Voice of OC

17-year-old Northwood High Senior Celeste Webb has been volunteering with the Zero Waste Initiative since July last year.
“I started volunteering in the middle of COVID and I was kind of getting a lot of cabin fever. I felt like I wasn’t really doing much with my life and I was just kind of sitting here,” Webb said. –
-Voice of OC

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