[SERIES] Great Park History: Farmland to 10,556 Homes

Want to know the history of the Great Park? This seven-part series on FivePoint’s Great Park home building entitlements will walk through the history of the area and how FivePoint achieved 10,556 home-building entitlements in the Great Park.

1. Looking Back to Look Forward
10,556 homes. Let’s look back to understand the history of the area and how FivePoint achieved this number of home-building entitlements in the Great Park. Once we understand the history and numbers, let’s look forward to determine the best course for Irvine to proceed within the legal conditions that now exist.

2. Competing Visions (1993-2002)
The competing visions for this long-valued land have been as follows: an international airport, a great metropolitan park similar to New York’s Central Park or San Diego’s Balboa Park, a 100%-free-market development, and a public-private development between the City of Irvine and Lennar (and later its spinoff FivePoint) that would include a metropolitan park with a limited number of homes and businesses.

3. Initial Homebuilding Numbers Plus a Bonus Density (2005-2009)
Here we start on the journey of understanding how FivePoint’s home-building entitlement numbers increased over time.

4. FivePoint’s 2011 New Plan and Call for Good Faith (2011)
Even though FivePoint’s homebuilding entitlements number remained constant—the direction for the Great Park development starts to change.

5. Irvine City Council Votes on the FivePoint New Plan and Good Faith (2011-2012)
Each of the 2011 council members voted on FivePoint’s “new plan.” In addition, we look at some of the concerns the council members expressed regarding the new plan.

6. The Doubling of FivePoint’s Great Park Homebuilding Number (2013)
FivePoint’s homebuilding entitlement numbers for the Great Park approximately doubled.

7. A Loop Hole, Principles, Looking Back/Looking Forward (2013-2019)
A loop hole further increased FivePoint homebuilding entitlement numbers and brought it to its current number of 10,566. We will take a look at the Great Park founding principles as well as accountability and due diligence. Then we will close out this series by considering how to best proceed forward with the Great Park development.